BEAR.Sunday supports PHP8’s attributes in addition to the annotations.


 * @Inject
 * @Named('admin')
public function setLogger(LoggerInterface $logger)


#[Inject, Named('admin')]
public function setLogger(LoggerInterface $logger)
#[Embed(rel: 'weather', src: 'app://self/weather{?date}')]
#[Link(rel: 'event', href: 'app://self/event{?news_date}')]
public function onGet(string $date): self

Apply to parameters

While some annotations can only be applied to methods and require the argument names to be specified by name, the Attributes can be used to decorate arguments directly.

public __construct(#[Named('payment')] LoggerInterface $paymentLogger, #[Named('debug')] LoggerInterface $debugLogger)
public function onGet($id, #[Assisted] DbInterface $db = null)
public function onGet(#[CookieParam('id')]string $tokenId): void
public function onGet(#[ResourceParam(uri: 'app://self/login#nickname')] string $nickname = null): static


Attributes and annotations can be mixed in a single project. 1 All annotations described in this manual will work when converted to attributes.


Although the cost of loading annotations/attributes for production is minimal due to optimization, you can speed up development by declaring that you will only use attribute readers, as follows

// tests/bootstap.php 

use Ray\ServiceLocator\ServiceLocator;

ServiceLocator::setReader(new AttributeReader());
// DevModule
$this->install(new AttributeModule());

  1. Attributes take precedence when mixed in a single method.