The following modules are available for database use, with different problem solving methods. They are all independent libraries for SQL based on PDO.

Having static SQL in a file1 makes it easier to use and tune with other SQL tools. SqlQuery can dynamically assemble queries, but the rest of the library is for basic static SQL execution. Ray.MediaQuery can also replace parts of the SQL with those assembled by the builder.


Modules are provided for using the database. They are all independent libraries for SQL.

Ray.AuraSqlModule is a PDO extension Aura.Sql and a query builder Aura.SqlQuery SqlQuery, plus a low-level module that provides pagination functionality. Ray.MediaQuery is a high-performance DB access framework that generates and injects SQL execution objects from user-provided interfaces and SQL 2 .


DBAL is Doctrine and CakeDB is CakePHP’s DB library. Ray.QueryModule is an earlier library of Ray.MediaQuery that converts SQL to anonymous functions.

  1. query-locater is a library for handling SQL as files, which is useful with Aura.Sql. 

  2. The mechanism is similar to Java’s DB access framework Doma