BEAR applications can cooperate with multiple BEAR applications into a single system without having to be microservices. It is also easy to use BEAR resources from other applications.

Composer Install

Install the BEAR application you want to use as a composer package.


  "require": {
    "bear/package": "^1.13",
    "my-vendor/weekday": "dev-master"
  "repositories": [
      "type": "vcs",
      "url": ""

Requires bear/package ^1.13.

Module Install

Install other applications with ImportAppModule, specifying the hostname, application name (namespace) and context to import.

+use BEAR\Package\Module\ImportAppModule;
+use BEAR\Package\Module\Import\ImportApp;

class AppModule extends AbstractAppModule
    protected function configure(): void
        // ...
+        $this->install(new ImportAppModule([
+            new ImportApp('foo', 'MyVendor\Weekday', 'prod-app')
+        ]));
        $this->install(new PackageModule());


The imported resource will be used with the specified host name.

class Index extends ResourceObject
    use ResourceInject;

    public function onGet(string $name = 'BEAR.Sunday'): static
        $weekday = $this->resource->get('app://foo/weekday?year=2022&month=1&day=1');
        $this->body = [
            'greeting' => 'Hello ' . $name,
            'weekday' => $weekday

        return $this;

You can also use #[Embed] and #[Link] in the same way.

Requests from other systems

It is easy to use BEAR resources from other frameworks or CMS.

Install it as a package in the same way, and use Injector::getInstance to get the resource client of the application you require and request it.

use BEAR\Package\Injector;
use BEAR\Resource\ResourceInterface;

$resource = Injector::getInstance(
    dirname(__DIR__) . '/vendor/my-vendor/weekday'
$weekdday = $resource->get('/weekday', ['year' => '2022', 'month' => '1', 'day' => 1]);

echo $weekdday->body['weekday'] . PHP_EOL;

Environment variables

Environment variables are global. Care should be taken to prefix them to avoid conflicts between applications. Instead of using .env files, the application to be imported will get the shell environment variables just like in production.

System Boundary

It is similar to microservices in that a large application can be built as a collection of multiple smaller applications, but without the disadvantages of microservices such as increased infrastructure overhead. It also has clearer component independence and boundaries than modular monoliths.

The code for this page can be found at bearsunday/example-app-import.