A Module is a collection of DI & AOP bindings that sets up your application.

BEAR.Sunday doesn’t have a global config file or a config class to set default values for components such as a database or a template engine. Instead for each peice of functionality we set up DI and AOP by injecting configuration values into a stand alone module.

AppModule (src/Module/AppModule.php) is the root module. We use an install() method in here to load each module that we would like to invoke.

You can also override existing bindings by using override().

class AppModule extends AbstractAppModule
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function configure()
        // ...
        // install additional modules
        $this->install(new AuraSqlModule('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test', 'username', 'password');
        $this->install(new TwigModule));
        // install basic module
        $this->install(new PackageModule));

DI bindings

Ray.Di is the core DI framework used in BEAR.Sunday. It binds interfaces to a class or factory to create an object graph.

// Class binding
// Provider (factory) binding
// Instance binding
// Named binding
// Singleton
// Constructor binding
$this->bind($interface)->toConstructor($class, $named);

Bindings declared first take priority More info can be found at Ray.Di README

AOP Bindings

We can “search” for classes and methods with a built-in Matcher, then interceptors can be bound to any found methods.

    // In any class
    // Method(s) names that start with "delete"
    // Bind a Logger interceptor

    // The AdminPage class or a class inherited from it.
    // Annotated with the @Auth annotation
    // Bind the AdminAuthenticationInterceptor

Matcher has various binding methods.


In an interceptor a MethodInvocation object gets passed to the invoke method. We can the decorate the targetted instances so that you run computations before or after any methods on the target are invoked.

class MyInterceptor implements MethodInterceptor
    public function invoke(MethodInvocation $invocation)
        // Before invocation
        // ...

        //  Method invocation
        $result = $invocation->proceed();

        //  After invocation
        // ...

        return $result;

With the MethodInvocation object, you can access the target method’s invocation object, method’s and parameters.

Annotations can be obtained using the reflection API.

$method = $invocation->getMethod();
$class = $invocation->getMethod()->getDeclaringClass();
  • $method->getAnnotations()
  • $method->getAnnotation($name)
  • $class->->getAnnotations()
  • $class->->getAnnotation($name)

Environment Settings

BEAR.Sunday does not have any special environment mode except prod. A Module and the application itself are unaware of the current environment.

There is no way to get the current “mode”, this is intentional to keep the code clean.