Injector Upgrade Guide


BEAR.Package 1.10, Bootstrap and AppInjector has been replaced by Injector.


In the case of BEAR\Package\Injector::getInstance(), the Depending on the context, different injectors are passed for production and development. Production writes out a DI script file with ScriptInjector, or no writing out DI files for development Ray\Di\Injector.

The interface and the usage is the same.

$injector = Injector::getInstance($context);
$instance = $injector->getInsntance($interface, name);


  • The ScriptInjector doesn’t erase files on the first request and is more secure.

  • The RayRay\DiDi\Injector does not output a DI file to var\tmp. Development injection is faster (especially with Docker).

  • Optimized for container environments.

  • The AppInjector has been optimized for different compile and runtime environments.

In the old AppInjector, the injector instance is retrieved every time. However, with the new Injector, a singleton will be shared between tests. Speeds are dramatically improved and you won’t run out of connections on a DB connection per test.

The more application- and context-spanning accesses are possible in the same memory space, the more difficult it is to implement. Clean and improved. Swoole and other runtime environments (not PHP’s shared-nothing architecture) But it runs safer and faster.

How to upgrade

Step 1

Put the Injector of the application in src/Injector.php and add the following lines of code Change the Vendor\Package to your project name.

namespace Vendor\Package;

use BEAR\Package\Injector as PackageInjector;
use Ray\Di\InjectorInterface;

final class Injector
    private function __construct()

    public static function getInstance(string $context) : InjectorInterface
        return PackageInjector::getInstance(__NAMESPACE__, $context, dirname(__DIR__));

Step 2

Change the bootstrap.php.

-$app = (new Bootstrap)->getApp($name, $context, __DIR__);
+$app = \Vendor\Package\Injector::getInstance($context)->getInstance(\BEAR\Sunday\Extension\Application\AppInterface::class);

Step 3

Change the AppInjector used in tests/.

-new AppInjector('Vendor\Package', 'test-hal-api-app');

Getting an injector for another application in a multi-application project Use the Inner Inner Inner Designer of BEARPackage in the case of

-new AppInjector('Vendor\Package', 'test-hal-api-app');
+\BEAR\Package\Injector::getInstance('Vendor\Package', 'test-hal-api-app', $appDir);

That’s it.


Backward compatibility is preserved. The class @deprecate is still available and will not be deprecated. BEAR.Sunday project complies with semver seriously.